Theme Reveal #AtoZChallenge

April is going to be all about 'Woman Power'! 

I am very excited to be a part of the #BlogchatterA2Z Challenge. While I have been writing for a while, churning out 26 blog posts is going to be very challenging! But writing is what I am most passionate about. It's where I lose and find myself. And that's why I am going to put up posts on liberation for this liberating challenge! My theme for the #BlogchatterA2Z Challenge is 

A-Z of Feminism

I have always hated being told what to do. I have abhorred and consciously avoid generalizations and the need to put people, particularly women in pigeon holes. (in case I do so unwittingly unwittingly in my posts, I would love my readers to point it out) I know that the men in my life are quite progressive and supportive. And yet, I have experienced the effects of  cultural conditioning and sexism in my own life. Being a part of a women's forum has spiked my interest in Feminism. My thoughts on the subject are evolving every day.  I don't know if all my thoughts are unique or obtuse. But I feel that even if my take on Feminism is as plain and obvious as 'daal chaawal', I still think that I should put my word out there. If my words can generate discussion or even debates, I believe there will be a ripple effect. In fact as I write these posts, I end up having conversations about Feminism with my husband and friends everyday which I wouldn't have otherwise. And I enjoy speaking to men about Feminism. No I don't enjoy seeing them squirm or get uncomfortable, but I always get a different and interesting perspective. I truly believe that we can change the world one conversation at a time.

As I write these posts with pure honesty and am quite invested in my POV. But I would like to put a rider I reserve the right to unashamedly change my opinions as I live and learn. It's like this... if anyone had to write a post on Steve Smith a day before the ball tampering saga, he/ she would write glowing testimonials of his cricketing prowess. Today the story will be a tainted one.

So do tune in to read personal, insightful and well-researched topics on why we need to do all we can to do away with Gender Inequality. 


  1. Wow! A very reflective theme. I am sure to read all your posts..looking forward.

  2. Feminism is the need of the hour and is an often misinterpreted term. Glad to see a fellow blogger talk about it. We have similar themes will be good to stay connected

  3. Looking forward to read your posts. And btw, My theme is woman and 40.

  4. love the theme, i have also written many articles about it. this might be the year when man would finally recognize the contribution done by woman all around the world. looking forward to this place in AtoZchallnege

  5. Hey all, thanks for your words of encouragement. Hope you will like what I put out. Still working on my posts...keeping my fingers crossed! Please do connect with me on Twitter - @Ashwini_Menon. It will help me to read your work as well.

  6. Interesting theme...looking forward to reading your posts!

  7. Sounds very interesting. Looking forward :)

  8. That's a wonderful theme. Feminism off-course is something I would like to ponder upon. Look forward to reading your posts.

  9. Thanks Anshu, Purba and Medha. :)

  10. Quite interesting, Ashwini. The thing I liked the most about your blog is its title that it’s your perspective not the ultimate truth, and you can change your perspective when needed in the light of new facts or perspectives. Also, you enjoy speaking to men about feminism because they bring different and interesting perspectives. I hope our interaction on the topic would be a learning experience for both of us. All the best for the challenge. :)

  11. Thanks Ravish. Your words of encouragement mean a lot. Looking forward to our insightful interactions.

  12. Good to connect with you through this challenge. Interesting theme and great topics you chose for the theme. Just read few of them.

    1. Thanks Deepa for your comment. Welcome to my blog. Hope to see you around more often. Are you also participating in the A-Z challenge?


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