Moonlight and candles,
Roses and tulips,
Long drives and dinners,
A sweet kiss on her lips.

A new dress and earrings,
Long walks together,
Letters and poems,
A birthday cake baked for her.

Sharing stories and troubles,
Missing being with her,
Being worried and concerned,
Feeling sorry when you upset her.

Waiting for her call,
Not knowing what to say,
Fumbling for the right words,
And saving them for another day.

Being nice to her friends,
Wishing her Goodnight,
Making her childhood dream come true,
Making sure she knows he is Mr. Right.

Guys say they don’t know how to,
But boy when they get it right...
They realize the power of romance.
Girls just dig guys who are nice!

(Sigh…waiting for my nice romantic guy!)


  1. fantabulous.... i shared them wid all those, who i know, are in love!! :)

  2. Beautiful...loved it. :)


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