Baring My Soul

There are dreams and passions
Images and thoughts
Maybe’s and could be’s
Should be’s and cannots

Freedom and restraint
Ecstasy and pain
Approvals and denials
Promises and betrayals

Madness and chaos
Peace and sanity
Prayers and hope
Terror and inhumanity

Praises and smiles
Colours and dull brown
Friendships and acquaintances
Deceit and let down’s

Conflicting ideas
Myriad of emotions
Inspired and searching within
On the path to transformation?


  1. Your blog and the posts within remind me of my own; I am constantly writing from a third part perspective about my innermost feelings. Kinda like a release without anyone truly knowing how you really feel. We also happen to share the same name, which is the reason why I stumbled upon your blog :)


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