Says who?

When they said you should quit
You hung on
When they said you shouldnt
You moved on

It was not what they said
It was why
The reasons were scary
You wish reality was a lie

You dont suddenly lose hope
But when you find yourself hollow
You know how everything's changed
Its inevitable - the sorrow

You pray for light
You pray for intervention
When there is none
You scream for redemption

You think you're down and out
In the deepest and darkest of holes
Its too hard to come out
Its too hard- you know you wont!

Says who??!!??


  1. Gaurav Sikaria7:07 pm

    nice...just wondering what made you write this poem...

  2. Vijayalakshmi7:19 pm

    Challenges come, and challenges go...and people talk..coz thats all they can do. We chart our own path in life, and the choices we make determine how far we go. Interesting poem. Kudos!


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