Like a piece of paper
Fluttering in the wind
Sometimes dead
Alive at other times
But something stopping it from flying away
Ensuring it lay down...flat.

Wanting to reach out
Fly and go places
Let the wind take it
With it
Not knowing where it would be taken
But willing anyhow
Its raring to go
Little does it realize that
This new freedom might bring with it
New dangers lurking in the corners.

But the tiny little thing...wants to breathe
And do what it wants to do
Feels suppressed and frustrated at not being allowed to
Its all so evident
The folds and creases on the paper
Tell the whole story.

Perhaps the paper belonged to someone…
And now has been discarded
Abandoned to its fate
It’s a useless piece of paper
All alone
Still waiting to be free.


  1. Amrish Poddar1:49 am

    I rememebr,this BEAUTIFUL piece of ur ritin...u mailed it to me,long time back,to get my views bout it!!...

    U know,wat i really like bout ur ritings?...tht u rite it for urself...dont try to fascinate others with ur literary skills....its ur rendition of thots,unedited...not fabricated or decorated with choosy stuff,for the world to hone over them...u are wat i'll call a literary it for ur own self...!!..keep up the spirit, my intellectual stimulator!!

  2. Anonymous10:27 am

    The notion of freedom is still very ambiguous...

    freedom from wat??

    from government??
    from society??
    from yourself??
    from the world??

    ...i feel we cannot be from everything without hampering someone else's....
    so freedom is elusive...

  3. The heart wants to be free from the boundaries the mind sets. Beautifully written!! We can all relate to this ongoing struggle of the heart and mind.


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