A Message in a Bottle: Flash Fiction for World Environment Day

It was a bright warm day on the beach. The waves were gentle. There was hardly any breeze. As the waves receded, they left behind a bottle covered with seaweed all over. Jamie rushed over. The six-year-old was so excited to visit the beach. He vaguely remembered the last Sunday beach trip. It had been too long ago.
He dropped the sea-shells he had been laboriously collecting the last half an hour and bent down to pick up his newest treasure. He stopped when he heard his father shout ‘Jamie, wait!’ He looked up to see his father come running towards him with his hand raised and palm facing him. He hung his head in resignation! He couldn’t wait to become a grown-up! They had all the power! He was sure his father would lay hands on the bottle first under the pretext of checking it for safety. He will have to change this story when he relayed his adventure to his friends. He only wished his father would not do any rubbing. Everyone knew that Genies granted wishes to the person who freed …

The Mystery Deepens - The Mystery Blogger Award

I have been nominated for Mystery Blogger Award by Priya from priyreflects. Thank you so much Priya. I am delighted to receive this award nomination. It is indeed an honour receiving the award from the most fashionable squirrel ever! She sure could have given Audrey Hepburn a run for her money! This award is the brainchild of Okoto Oke Enigma - a teenage blogger who felt that there are several amazing undiscovered blogs out there that are a mystery to the world. That's why she called it the 'The Mystery Blogger Award'. It is also named after the creator since 'Enigma' means 'Mystery'. 
She says... “It’s an award for amazing bloggers with ingenious posts. Their blog not only captivates; it inspires and motivates. They are one of the best out there, and they deserve every recognition they get. This award is also for bloggers who find fun and inspiration in blogging, and they do it with so much love and passion.”Let's spread some blog love people!!
Here are…

Personification of 'Sorry' (Poem)

I am hesitant I am a courtesy text I am measured politeness
I am naive I am an empty grand gesture I am a balm veiled as a suture
I am rare I am a pearl of sincerity rolling down a cheek I am the solace that both seek
I am powerful I am the first step in the right turn I am your faith restored in the world

Looking back... #AtoZ Challenge Reflections


1) I have poured my heart out here – so some bits maybe incoherent and unusually emotional (no research here people – just naked thoughts!)

2) This is a long post of 2700+ words 
I thought I would give a brief background about how I ended up taking the A-Z challenge. Then my emotions took over and I ended up writing 933 words on the background alone! So I have split this post into 3 parts. In case you wish to skip the background, and want to only read about my experience in the A-Z challenge, you could do so by skipping the first and moving directly to the second section.

The Background
The A-Z Challenge – Insights & Thank You’s
The Future
November end 2017 
I didn’t see it coming – then. Now when I look back, all the signs were there. Years of 12 hour work days that would often extend into the weekends as well. I had always taken pride in my work and always stretched myself to perfection. Little did I realize the harmful effects on my mind and eventually my bo…

ज़माने को चलो बदलते हैं (Zamaane ko chalo badalte hain) Hindi Poem

Essence of the Hindi Poem in English
Come, let’s change the world, let's walk towards a new era Let's accept that some lives are incomplete Let's listen to every voice, let's give courage to every scream Let's not hide our differences under the blankets of tradition
Let's ask ourselves what our gender has got to do with our dreams Let's differentiate between 'My truth' and 'The truth' Let's work continuously towards creating a world without any differences Let’s not compete, let’s work together. Come, let’s change the world
Join me. Let’s undertake the journey to equality together. 

Only Yes is Yes

The Hindi Film 'Pink' made the following words resonate with every woman across the country: 'No means no'. When Amitabh said, “'Na' sirf ek shabd nahi, apne aap mein ek poora vakya hai ('No' is not just a word, but a full sentence in and of itself,)” India took cognizance. The film is credited to have broken down the idea of 'consent' to its simplest form for men to understand it better. The nation began discussing about 'consent' and importantly so. However, to my own surprise, something about 'No means No' bothered me. And then it struck me...why should a woman have to say 'No'?! 
The wrong notion of Consent
We all have been guilty of letting hope interfere with our logic. When you ask your mom's consent to go for a night-out with your friends, and she does not consent, what do you do? You hope she will change her mind and then you badger her, until she gives in. Did she truly give her consent or relent to your pre…

Not much has changed since Xanthippe

Who was Xanthippe you ask? 
Well she was the much younger wife of the famous Greek Philosopher Socrates. And what did Socrates think about his wife Xanthippe? He said that he tolerated his first wife Xanthippe, because she bore him sons, in the same way one tolerated the noise of geese because they produce eggs and chicks. Basically, this analogy perpetuated the claim that a woman's sole role was reproduction. 
PicSource: & BlackHawkpi
An incident involving the two went ‘viral’ (well we still know of it 2500 years later don’t we?) was how Xanthippe poured the contents of a bedpan on to the philosopher’s head after an argument. And that’s how the term "Xanthippe" has now come to mean any nagging scolding person, especially a shrewish wife. I think Xanthippe was one of the first Feminists and given how her name has such a negative connotation today, Socrates could may well have called her a Feminazi! 
And nothing has changed really. Even today …