Breaking Up With Writer's Block

Dear Writer’s Block,

It’s not you, it’s me. And I feel horrible doing this to you. You were my protector. I was (Ok still am kind of) terrified of the prospect facing a blank page and then writing something that makes no sense to me, let alone to other people! You would shield me from my incapacities. And I thank you for that. You were my best buddy. The one who held my hand in my loneliness. Every time I reached out for the laptop or just thought about it… (I know! You would always just read my mind!) you were the one who told me, "Too many thoughts...wait...till you see the light". Or “It’s ok. Read more and you will get the inspiration you need.” Or “Of course you need to master your craft. Sign up for yet another course on writing. Theory always trumps Practical, I’m telling you.” Or my favourite, “It’s fine. I know you don’t feel too great right now. Let me take care of you. Do what you want. View more funny videos on YouTube. It’s not called wasting time…it’s called investing in yourself! Sure, you could call it research as well!” You were the only one who understood me!!!! I felt so safe with you. I never wanted to let go. I shall miss those times. I will truly cherish them.

I know you have been a steady companion of many a famous writer. And I felt privileged having known you so intimately. I remember you telling me how your previous lovers would usually break up with you after he or she got back from a vacation or a long walk. Something about the wind in their hair I guess. A switch was turned off in their heads and they decided they wanted more from their lives. No wonder we never went on vacations or took long walks together! Heart breaks are always tough. I feel for you. I truly do. I hope you understand. Truth be told, I have been dropping a few hints. I have been trying to think of some topics I could write on. I have been jotting down some random thoughts running around in head. I'm sorry, but I think the time has come for me to crash and burn…if that’s how it’s going to be! I can’t expect you to hold my hand forever. Enough of the nest; I need to spread my wings and fly. I need to take away the training wheels and ride into the sunset. I need to take a hold of my life and colour within the lines. I need to fold along the crease (an Origami reference). In case you haven’t got it yet... ( I knew it! I am not ready! I am already not making sense!) I need to just put my pen to paper...or hands on the keyboard. I mean I just got to write. And let my thoughts turn to words which could turn to conversations and ultimately change people’s lives. Yes, that’s my aim- to change the world. I know I am not competing for a Miss World title, but why should I have an aim that’s lesser than that?! Why should I settle?!

So Writer’s Block, what I am trying to say is...can we just be friends? I mean, come on! Let’s be realistic. We’ve had such a long relationship- I fed you with so many of my insecurities and leant on you so much. I realize that we will bump into each other once in a while. And when we do, I want us to be cordial to one another. Exchange a few pleasantries...maybe just a coffee or 2 and then get on with each other’s lives. I wish you well. I really do. I know you will find some other unassuming writer who can't help but fall for your charms. But here’s a request. If you ever find me happy and at peace with my “novel” boyfriend, please turn around and walk away!!!!

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