The Magic Of Life

Is there magic in this world?
And what about super natural power?
Do lucky charms really help?
Can our luck change by the hour?

‘All hogwash! ’ you may say,
But I am not so sure,
Because it was only the other day
That I visited Mrs. Grow.

She is an old friend of mine,
And she was so sweet.
She had called me to her’s
For a treat.

We spent the evening talking.
Suddenly we heard somebody at the door knocking.
Mrs. Grow went up to the door and opened it.
And who should come in but li’l Twit!

He was sad,
And there were tears trickling down his face.
But he wiped them off quickly
With his hanky made of lace.

He said “Dear Mrs. Grow please help me.
It’s my mom’s Birthday tomorrow,
And I wanted to surprise her u see...
I wanted to give her and pretty roses,
Grown in the garden by me.

I know my mummy would have hugged me,
And would have said they were the loveliest she had ever seen.
But dear Mrs. Grow,
I am so sad.
Nothing’s worked out as I had planned!
I tended the garden,
And watered it too,
And removed all the weeds and did all I could do.
But the roses didn’t grow!!!
Dear Mrs. Grow, I’ve come to tell you of my woe.”

Dear Mrs. Grow listened to all that li'l Twit had said.
She then got up and ruffled Twit’s dark head.
“Don’t worry child, all will be fine.”
“Oh! Mrs. Grow you are so kind!”
Said Mrs. Grow, “Come with me and I’ll see what I can do “
She turned to me and said,
“You can join us too.”

All was forgotten about our treat,
As we got out into the cold, windy streets.
I felt sorry for l'il Twit and worried too,
I wondered what Mrs. Grow was up to!

We stopped outside a gate,
And looking beyond we could see,
A small cottage in dire straits,
Old and desolate but at the same time cozy.

Li'l Twit took us behind the cottage.
And we couldn’t help but stare,
The garden was totally bare!
Now I could understand l'il Twit’s plight.
But wondered what Mrs. Grow would do to make it alright.

She seemed to be looking
Up at the sky.
I tried looking too,
But nothing could be seen to my eye!

And then she muttered a few words,
Not easily to be heard.
She stood with her hands raised,
As though showering God with praise.

Suddenly I saw a shining ray of light,
Which was directed by Mrs. Grow with all her might.
And before my eyes I saw,
The most spectacular event I had ever seen!
Roses, red and pretty roses,
Sprouting from where nothing had been!!

I turned towards l'il Twit who seemed overjoyed!
He hugged Mrs. Grow and cried,
“Thanks Mrs. Grow, Thank you very much.”
And I couldn’t help saying, “Her kindness is such!”

So now my friends,
Now do you believe me?
If you don’t,
Go for yourself and see…

Visit l'il Twit’s garden,
And dig beneath.
The roses wont have any roots ,
Mrs. Grow shared this secret with me.

The roses stand,
Held by the roots of love,
All storms and gales they withstand,
All due to the magic of love.

So pass this message around-
Love is magic, love is pure.
Believe in its power,
And it will change your life for sure!